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Our decision model tracks assessments and helps care managers and caregivers recognize a need that would have probably not been identified without it. Read about how our platform helped these caregivers.

Anita is a 24/7, overwhelmed caregiver to her husband John, who has dementia. Anita requested nursing home placement and was avoiding the coordinator’s calls. After she started working with her case manager, she was motivated to take advantage of the specific, local resources provided by her specialist and no longer wishes to discuss nursing facility placement for her husband.

“I am grateful that I can care for John in our home.”

Mary has taken over her mother’s care. After being assessed and working daily with her case manager, Mary had a better understanding of caregiving. She is now able to better balance her family life and her role as a caregiver.

“It helps me have a greater sense of fulfillment and understanding of the role I play in her success to remain at home.”

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Read the case study to learn how TCARE delivered $20 million annual savings for Washington state’s Medicaid budget.

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