Solving for the Caregiver Burnout Problem with Intelligent Technology.

Physical Activity Does Not Cause Burnout

The psycho-social stressors are continuous in undermining a caregiver’s commitment to care for a loved one. The mitigation of this stress is constant and requires multiple, specific, and material interventions at the time of need.

Our customers achieved:

delayed nursing home placement

reduced claims

reduced caregiver burnout

Certifications & Accreditations

The TCARE solution, and the science behind it, has been validated by industry leaders in aging, healthcare, and Fintech.

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Save Big with Big Impact

Read the case study to learn how TCARE delivered $20 million annual savings for Washington state’s Medicaid budget.

TCARE’s Technology

TCARE’s technology is built on the longitudinal study of 250,000 caregiver/care receiver pairs over 15 years. We’ve identified 96 psycho-social measures independent of activity that predicts caregiver burnout.

TCARE’s Software

Our software provides detailed insights for tracking caregiver progress, featuring at-a-glance access to color-coded case progression with user-friendly tools to manage activities and documents.

The TCARE Platform

Our technology allows us to continuously process and target stressors in a caregiver’s life. Our platform then delivers a specific strategic behavioral goal accompanied with supporting local resources.

Step 1: Baseline Assessment

Analytics are the constant driving force behind TCARE’s Platform. Through our quick 10 minute, self-serve screener, our platform automatically generates cases for caregivers most at risk for burnout and tracks them along their caregiver journey.

Step 2: Initial Care Plan

We continuously assess and rank against 96 burnout factors within our algorithm which then identify 44 specialized treatment pathways. This allows trained professionals to develop tailored care plans that meet the caregivers' specific needs at that point in their caregiving journey.

Step 3: Continuous Risk Management

Intervention goals continue to be monitored and tailored to the need of the caregiver through both automated and human touchpoint(s) to ensure the caregiver is linked to proper resources throughout the entirety of their caregiving journey.

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